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I was on the phone with my girlfriend Julie the other day when she started telling me about a new club that had recently opened. She went on to say that she'd heard from another friend of ours that the guy to girl ratio was usually around 8 to 1. Not so great if you're a guy but perfect if you're a couple of horny girls like us. We made plans to check it out the following weekend. I made reservations for us at a hotel just down the road from the club so we wouldn't have far to go if we got lucky!

We were in the process of getting all dressed up for a night of slutting around when we got a little side-tracked. Julie had brought a huge bottle of Grey Goose and Captain Morgan. I'm not sure if she thought the two of us were going to drink it all ourselves or if she was planning for after hour guests. Anyway, as we were getting ready for our evening of debauchery we decided to pour ourselves a few drinks to get warmed up.....

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