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My girlfriend Julie and I were about to settle in for an evening of pay-per-view movies when Jake started hinting around about how long it had been since he'd last experienced the pleasure of two women at once. I reminded him that he'd just fucked my girlfriend Renee and I the previous weekend and he replied with, "Yeah, like I said it's been a long time, that was 6 days ago."

I guess it wasn't really fair that Julie and I had been prancing around the room in nothing but our underwear for the last hour. We just wanted to get comfortable before jumping into bed to watch our movies but I can see how that would have gotten Jake all hot and bothered. I was about to ask him if he could wait until after we had watched the first movie when Julie said, "Awe poor Jake, hasn't had a threesome in almost a week maybe we should help him out tonight. Besides I haven't been fucked all day and I'd love to take him for a ride right now!".....

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