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It had been nearly a year since I last had the pleasure of hooking up with Diamond. That being said you can imagine how excited I was when I learned we'd both be visiting Las Vegas during the same time-frame. I sent her a quick text message just to verify that she would be there on a particular day and asked if she was up for another round of pussy licking fun. Of course she was game so we put together a plan to meet at the hotel where I was staying.

Initially it was just going to be the two of us, no cameras, but then I remembered the incredible amount of feedback I received when I last posted some pictures I had taken with this fucking hottie! It seems quite a few of you enjoy Diamond as much as I do! Anyway, when I asked her if she was cool with having a camera around again she said, "As long as I have a chance to bury my face between your legs you can invite an entire crew from HBO for all I care." Yeah aside from being totally hot she's also very funny.....

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