Jake and I enjoy going out to a classy strip club every now and then for a little erotic entertainment. I remember the first time he suggested we go out to a strip club. This was way before we got into swinging and I couldn't believe that he was actually asking me to go to a club and sit there with him while he watched a bunch of hot women dancing naked right in his face. Even though his suggestion pissed me off, I decided to humor him and go along anyway. Wow, I was hooked! We had barely walked in the door when I realized that watching all those beautiful women performing naked was going to be a huge turn on for me. That night was actually the first time that I ever had thoughts about being with another woman sexually, and I liked it! This one dancer came over to where we were sitting and grabbed Jake by the back of the head and pulled his face into her massive titties. I was surprised that watching her molesting Jake like that actually turned me on. Well, then she moved over to me and did the same thing and I swear I creamed my jeans. Now whenever we go out to a strip club I get wet on the way there in anticipation of what the night has in store for us. These photos are from a club we visited one night during our last vacation......

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