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I was chatting with one of my members via e-mail the other day and he mentioned how he had a thing for very sheer panties. He said that whenever he sees photos of women in semi-transparent underwear it gives him an instant erection that he has to take care of immediately. Yes, that means he loves jerking off to women in see-through panties. Who wouldn’t get off to a sexy little hottie wearing semi-transparent undies? Wow, I’m getting so fucking wet just thinking about it! So anyway, he asked me if I could do some pictures for him wearing this type of lingerie and of course I said yes.

I spent an entire day at the mall looking at every single store for something that would satisfy his request but anything I found that was sheer wasn’t even close to being sexy. I find it a little bit strange that they would make sheer “granny panties” but they do, trust me I saw far too many of them that day! I told Nick that I didn’t have any luck finding an outfit that would satisfy his request but I would look again at another mall the following weekend. He was very understanding and even told me he would also look next time he was out shopping.....

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